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Nov 11th, 2019

Vajra and Imagika om married!

On 11-11, 2019, under the light of the full moon, Imagika Om and Vajra got married at Mystic Manor in Venice, CA, the house where they met not too long before on the pilot episode of Optimystic. Surrounded by their loved ones and families it was a day of cosmic union, magic and bliss.

“Thanks to everyone who was a part of the unfolding story of our lives, it’s been amazing and we can’t wait to see what happens next” Vajra

Imagika is a performer, singer and musician extraordinaire. Vajra painted in his studio for almost 10 years while playing her music before they met in person. when you hear her music, it will be clear why they fell in love. Click here to visit her website
Oct 18th, 2019

Mystic Hearts Gallery open and awesome

HI! I'm proud to announce I've begun curating art for Mystic Hearts gallery, located at Mystic Manor in Venice featuring the art of 15 different visionary artists from around the world, myself included. (update 2020-06-16) I know we are a little on hold with the virus and all, but here is a virtual tour of the gallery. If anything strikes your fancy let me know and we can get it shipped over asap.

Start the Virtual Tour

The gallery is mostly downstairs, but there's some art available on the upper story too.All art is available for sale and 80% of sales go directly to the artists! Enjoy
Sep 23rd, 2019

Equinox Celebration at COSM

Just got back from Painting live at the fall equinox celebration at Alex and Allyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in upstate New York. Imagika played an amazing set in the Library where Alex and I were set up painting. It was my first time seeing many of Alex’s works in person, truly a fantastic painter, always inspiring. The Greys were excellent hosts and the land was so beautiful. We had an amazing time together, made a lot of new friends, spent some good time with old ones and worked our magic on a very special day. Another dream come true
Aug 14th, 2019

Positive head interview with me and Amanda Sage

Hi! Stoked to announce an awesome interview Amanda Sage and I just did together on the Positivehead Podcast w Brandon Beachum. We talk about a whole lot of weird things, hope you enjoy the dialog click here to listen