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Jun 20th, 2020

Mighty Pan

A year ago today my cat Pandora passed on to whatever happens next. She passed laying on my chest, looking into my loving eyes on Summer solstice; I always called her my solar kitty, so this made sense in a very special way. She was my studio cat extraordinaire, always on my lap while I worked, purring and rolling about cozily. She was a huge inspiration and joy every day and I will hold her forever in my heart.
Pandora inspired my first painting ever, pictured in my gallery “Pandora’s box.

She came from the pound where someone had “night dropped” her. I have no idea what her history was but the first few days after coming home, she hid in a hamper. As I worked on the drawing “Pathfinder” she hopped out, meowed at me once in a tiny voice and hopped next to me on the couch, curled and purred.

In the ten years I knew her she transformed from a timid little kitty afraid of flies into a mighty boss of a cat who once tried hunting a four-foot rattlesnake. Here is a painting I made in the three days after her passing called “Mighty Pan” based on a photo of her looking rather boss in my former studio.

If you’re thinking about getting an animal companion, please consider adopting a shelter pet, she was the best friend I could ever have hoped for. Thanks Pan, for every moment we shared, every purr, all the fur and joy and laughter. Forever and ever in my heart.

“Mighty Pan ” <3<3<3

2019 Acrylic on wood 16”x20” ~ collection of the artist
May 1st, 2020

vajra now offering online private art lessons

Early this year, Vajra began offering in-depth art lessons through ZOOM, in these classes he’s able to demonstrate valuable techniques, critique, and “work on” student’s paintings through screen sharing and photoshop, and answer any questions you may have as your own private art instructor.

Students will receive recordings of their sessions to be able to refer to again and again, a 5 hour video presentation, as well as a 30+ page document Vajra created that explains not only how, but why he paints, conveying both technical skills and philosophy.

Click here to the conversation or sign up
Apr 30th, 2020

Pins, Puzzles & new products available through MANYVISIONS

Vajra has teamed up with Many Visions Apparel to create a whole new line of products featuring, pins, puzzles, pant’s jackets and more

Click this link to see what they have to offer
Apr 1st, 2020

Covid Care

HI Ya'll my wife and I are both performers who depend on live events for our livelihood. Since we all are on hiatus while the coronavirus does it's thing, and all support would be greatly appreciated. You can of course just shop my site for some artwork, but if you feel like contributing to our cause, you can do so here

There's a number of rewards for different levels of support including some original paintings I made just for the times. Thank you, much love,

Vajra and Imagika
Mar 17th, 2020

Oddcast Podcast: The art of Magic

My friend Tom Foolishness recently interviewed me on his podcast "Oddcast"

Click here to listen to me ramble about art and magic, LOL
Mar 15th, 2020


Over the last year, I've been blessed to serve the role of the visionary art coordinator on Optimystic - a consciousness themed talk show featuring a different visionary artist at the beginning of every episode.
It was on the pilot, linked below, that I met my wife Imagika Om. We got married in the same house the show is filmed at ~ Mystic Manor. The show is super fun and features some amazing art, speakers and music. Check it out!
here is just the excerpt of me talking about my painting "allegory of the cave" which is what the show is all about - sharing your truth no matter how crazy you might seem ;)

Here is my beautiful wife, Imagika Om, performing her song "Dreams are real" on the night we fell in love and her song came true.

and Here is a link to the full episode
Dec 5th, 2019

Thomas Fire Update

On December 5th of 2018 I lost my home, studio and many of my original paintings in the Thomas fire. It's been a year now since the event.

My partner at the time, Sarah, and I barely escaped with our lives and pets.
Adapting was difficult and in many ways I still have yet to recover.

if you would like to contribute to my gofundme, you can click here

I took this as an opportunity to restructure and rebuild my life better than before. Since then, many amazing things have happened, and I've recreated many of the lost paintings using ash from my former home mixed in.

Life is truly amazing, sometimes, hard, sometimes beautiful, but always worth it.
Nov 11th, 2019

Vajra and Imagika om married!

On 11-11, 2019, under the light of the full moon, Imagika Om and Vajra got married at Mystic Manor in Venice, CA, the house where they met not too long before on the pilot episode of Optimystic. Surrounded by their loved ones and families it was a day of cosmic union, magic and bliss.

“Thanks to everyone who was a part of the unfolding story of our lives, it’s been amazing and we can’t wait to see what happens next” Vajra

Imagika is a performer, singer and musician extraordinaire. Vajra painted in his studio for almost 10 years while playing her music before they met in person. when you hear her music, it will be clear why they fell in love. Click here to visit her website