...Welcome to the Altar of the Heart...

Hello friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write to you.

On Tuesday the 5th December 2017, my studio was burnt to cinders along with my merchandise, and 6 completed original paintings and 7 works in progress,

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Please send Donations direct through PayPal to vajra@altaroftheheart.com or if you prefer I have set up a go-fund-me which you can access clicking here.

I ask for your financial assistance in rebuilding my art and livelihood as I lost thousands of dollars in art supplies and many more thousands in merchandise stickers posters prints and clothing I designed.

The painting pictured to the right was one go the losses that night. However, Like that little guy in the ring of flame, I’m not backing down, but I need your help staying strong and rebuilding my career as an artist.

Below is an expanded story and an explanation of what you’ll get for your financial support during my recovery from this staggering loss.

Again Donations can be sent directly through PayPal to vajra@altaroftheheart.com or you can
click this link and it’ll take you to my go-fund-me account.

Dear friends and patrons, my home and studio has burnt to the ground.
At 3:45am on Tuesday December 5
th, my home and studio were consumed by the ‘Thomas” fire which continues its path through Southern California. We had enough of a warning that we got our pets safely into our RV along with a handful of my original paintings and the computer I’m writing to you from. Other than that we lost almost everything including:

    While I’m coping with having lost these creations, my material and financial loss has got me staggering and worried for the future. Many of you know I paint in my home studio in Ventura and make my livelihood selling my art, stickers and prints all of which I had stored at home with me on the night of the fire. And so I’ve lost my space and stuff with which I make my art, and also my inventory of art merchandise which was until a few days ago, the majority of my income. I never imagined finding myself in this position - asking for donations from my friends, family and fans - but here I am. I need your help rebuilding my life and art thing.

    Though I want to be clear I’m not asking for handouts; apart from my eternal gratitude, I would like to offer something in return to everyone who contributes to my general reboot. I’m going to keep track of every financial donation that comes my way and once I have an inventory of posters, stickers and other merchandise I will send care packages to everyone who contributed. Any amount is appreciated and will be put directly to work rebuilding my art empire. If you do not want anything in exchange for your donation I understand but would at least like to get you a thank you letter down the line. One small miracle is that a box of my sub-dyed hoodies happened to still be in the RV as we drove off. Anyone who donates $120 or more can have their pick of my very last hoodies. Remaining designs include “Pathfinder”, “Drama”, “Man in the Middle”, “Tzab Ek” and “Event Horizon”. Sizes range from XS-XL but availability varies by design and a list of available hoodies will be provided upon donation. I can ship these immediately until they’re gone. For those of you with a little more to contribute, I saved the majority of my original works of art and have four of them still available for sale listed below:
      The following two paintings were not intended for general sale but given the circumstances I would sell these in order to get everything back on track. The price is high, but these are two of my finest paintings and the time and energy I put into them are reflected in the price.
        Money can be sent via PayPal to vajra@altaroftheheart.com I have also set up a go fund me page which you can access clicking here if you prefer though they take a percentage so PayPal is better for me. I promise to get you back for your help in my time of need.