"Tzab Ek"

“Tzab Ek”

2012-2104 acrylic on wood 24”x36” ~ original available

“Tzab Ek” is the Mayan word for “rattle snake’s tail” or the Pleiades star cluster. The painting celebrates our ancestor’s historic relationship with extra-terrestrial beings.

The Mayans were just one of many cultures from around the world who claimed to have had direct influence from the stars, in their case the Pleiades.

The painting is inspired by a clutch of artifacts that continue to surface in South and Central America depicting ET beings and their craft interacting in many interesting ways with humanity. Ce
priest in meditation at the base of the temple of Kukulkan vectoring in at ET landing at the top
ET craft beaming down an alien onto the top of the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent
Alien Pendant based on actual artifacts. The et is shown holding a mini space ship, it's power source rising up in rainbows into his hands
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Priest holding captive black hole technology
original sketch
Model I created to understand light and color
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