"The Wish is Granted"

The Wish is Granted

2014-2017 Acrylic on Canvas 28”x60”.

Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings and their concept of the ‘wish fulfilling dragon’ the painting depicts a human being who has made the journey to the top of the tallest mountain as the dragon spills from the heavens handing over the wish-granting gem of the earth – his message “You only get to make this wish once, make it count”

Many of my paintings center on our responsibility to ourselves, the planet and the creatures with whom we share it. This painting is no different. In it, the dragon literally hands over the
When I first began this painting I was dissatisfied by the level of realism and general form of the dragon. I made a model from fake fur, glass eyes, wire, and Fimo based on the painting to be better able to create the painting as realistically as possible.
His claw resting on Tibet in homage to the artisan monks who inspired the painting
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Note the Budha faces in the scales of the dragon's hand and the golden buddha materializing from the crumbling rocks.
Here is the original painted version, which I rushed to create, skipping important preliminary steps. Much had to be repainted.
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After making the model and photographing it under the light I envisioned for the painting, You can see how much of a difference the model made. Still had a ways to go, but at least I was working with a solid foundation