"Event Horizon"

“Event Horizon”

2009-2010 acrylic on wooden triangle 48” tall handmade frame ~ NFS collection of the artist.

"Event horizon" was my second ever painting. It was the result of a catalyzed kundalini awakening with Dr. Gabriel Cousens. The central theme, represented throughout the imagery is the union of polarity.

The main figure a blue woman with the face of an orange man and green child on either side of hers; their heads United in a crown of infinite vision. I call this being the 3Deity, representing woman, man, and child where the two become one.

The geometry in the center is a
custom frame and original painting shape
sperm and egg, feathered serpent caduceus
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orange star tetrahedron (male) Blue cuboctahedron (female) and geen dodecahedron (child)
Naga Dharmapala wisdom guardians in humble admiration