"Come Together"

“Come Together”

2019-2020 Acrylic on canvas 24”x24” ~ Sold to Private Collector ($7,777).

in Colabortation with Stefan Lucas Allen

“Come together” is a collaboration between myself and Stefan Lucas that began, as most of his paintings do, with decalcomania. A process by which wet paints are smeared around and a layer, usually of plastic is placed over it, then pulled away leaving all sorts of organic patterns there for you to work with and interpret.

We worked for hours in abstract mode, avoiding any kind of symbolism, focusing on color, texture, and value. Eventually, we decided
The wanderer / will we learn
Emerald Tablets / the story of humanity
Star watcher and Meteor "Look to the stars, the cycle continues, beware"
The storm
The conscious building giving the download to the wanderer.
Cosmic guardians: "It's all going to be ok"