Online Classes – The Art of Magic

Vajra presents a recorded a 5-hour workshop where he outlines all of the technical skills he employs in creating his artwork as well as the underlying reasons why, not just from the perspective of making art, but making that art as powerful, magical ways of transforming the world through the windows we open without paintbrushes. Geared toward acrylic painting but applicable to oils as well.

Also included is a 33-page word document with additional visual breakdowns of his paintings illustrating the various steps involved in creating some of his greatest work.

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Virtual Lessons

For those interested in personal instruction, Vajra offers virtual private lessons where he can answer any questions you might have, provide demonstrations and offer feedback on your current work. Through screen sharing He is able to “work” digitally on your painting and show what he would do if it was his own. Lessons conducted through Zoom.

One-off classes and packages available!

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Commissioned Paintings

Vajra has a thousand sketches and since he can’t yet control time, many of them will never become paintings, however, you can click here to browse a catalog of drawings that you could commission as a painting.

Browse the catalog of sketches to commission

everything on the page linked here is open for comission

If you have looked through the catalog of available commissions, and are instead interested in commissioning a commissioned piece, Vajra is open to this at times and happy to talk possibilities

This could be a vision you’ve had or an intentional work of art such as a painting to help you bring in certain energies or rid yourself of phobias for instance

Logo Design

Vajra has worked with various musicians, companies and individuals to create beautiful, intentional logos helping them visually represent themselves. If you have an idea in mind of something you would like to create or if you would like to work with Vajra to cocreate a logo with you, Please reach out below and start the conversation

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Vajra has worked with several musical artists providing album art for Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom, Psilogod, Honeybrew and more. Prices vary depending on the project in mind. If you are interested in licensing existing artwork for an album cover or other project, Please Click here to start the conversation.

Original paintings

Vajra has a range of original paintings available at his webstore at a large range of prices, click here if you would like to browse through original paintings, while at the shop you can also purchase, stickers, prints, tapestries and more

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In Person Group Classes (currently Unavailable)

Under normal circumstances, Vajra offers classes in-person to groups of 7 or more. His preferred time frame is a 5-day course, however, shorter or longer classes can be arranged. If you and a group of friends would like to book a group class please contact vajra here to schedule or begin planning a group class

Given the current situation and social distancing, this offering is on hold until COVID has passed, but Vajra is open to discussing future possibilities.

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Begin the conversation by clicking here


If you would like to support Vajra on an ongoing basis, please visit his Patreon page and sign up for one of the various levels.

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