Vajra is a self-taught visionary artist, magician, philosopher and freelance contractor for consciousness.

He has been making art his entire life and in 2008 started painting visionary works as a way to share what he feels matters most with the world.

His work draws influence from across cultures, space and time - a synthesis of art and magic, science and spirituality, light and dark through a lense of nonduality always with bodhisattvic intention - that it be for the betterment of all.

He believes his paintings are portals to other worlds, beings and higher density reality, each with its own history, life and message -
Every painting is a collaboration with beings on the “other side” for the betterment of all beings and the evolution of consciousness

“Vajra” in Sanskrit means “thunderbolt.” It is this flash of illumination he strives to bring through his paintings, shining light into the cave. Another translation is the “diamond scepter” - a thing of purity and perfection - that which can cut through anything but cannot itself be cut. His hope intention is that his paintings serve this purpose as well, piercing through the veils that the viewer may connect with what matters most.

Recurrent themes in his art include the union of polarity, the realization of the responsibility we hold for ourselves, the earth and all creatures with whom we share it, the fact that everything is connected, interrelated and interdependent as well as the cultivation love and compassion.
His ultimate goal is to awaken the latent gods and goddesses within us all, helping others realize that we are all “reality architects” whose internal experience affects not just the individual but the collective, each of us shaping reality through our thoughts words and actions and interactions. Our shared reality is but a collection of each and every one.

Over the last decade, he has painted live at countless events around the world, always appreciating the opportunity for the direct transmission of the message behind his paintings, his insight and guiding philosophy in person, but invites you to explore the message and meaning through his gallery where he shares not only the paintings but their stories.
His art has Been featured in galleries worldwide, most recently at Mystic Hearts Gallery in Venice California, where he is the curator responsible for creating a collection featuring not only his own art but that of over a dozen brilliant visionaries from all reaches of the earth.

He currently works his magic in Southern California with his lovely wife and brilliant muse ~ Imagika Om ~ and their two feline familiars.

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